Monday, December 9, 2013

Healthy Eating and My Social Life

Do you ever get those looks? You know, those looks that say "You're crazy," or "That's a little weird," when you turn down dessert or order a small salad at a huge steak house. I get them a lot, and it's frustrating. Leading a healthy lifestyle doesn't just affect your physical and medical health, it affects your social life. Whenever I'm out with friends and everyone loads up on carbs and trans fats, I'm usually the one sitting there with a salad or steamed veggies. I get those "looks" most of the time, along with remarks like "Come one, one bite of pie won't hurt," or "You have to splurge once and a while." Well, I'm here to say that if I thought like that every time I was presented with a slice of chocolate pie or a basket of bread sticks I would weight 500 pounds. Leading a healthy lifestyle can be like a religion that some one doesn't understand, or a cultural tradition that deviates from the norm, and people aren't afraid to judge you on your healthy lifestyle. A majority of people eat what tastes good, which usually omits fruits and vegetables, so when I'm sitting there with a plate of steamed cauliflower I get glares. But in addition to the food, there's the gym dilemma. I get looked at like I am certifiably insane when I decline an invite somewhere because I need to go to the gym. People just don't understand, and again shoot back with remarks like "It's good to take a day off," or "One day off here and there won't hurt you." Again, if I thought like that it every situation, I would struggle getting to the gym two or three days a week, compared to the five or six that I aim for. My health and fitness are two things that I just have to sometimes put ahead of my social life on my list of priorities. It's a trade off, but in the end I'm bettering myself, so it's worth it. And I've learned to not let those "looks" bother me that much anymore, because I have the ability to lead a lifestyle that requires dedication and stability; and if that causes the weird glares to come my way, then let them come!

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