Thursday, September 26, 2013

Legs: The Foundation of our Bodies

I lift weights five days per week. I always make sure to shake up my workout routine to keep my muscles challenged, but I also make sure to work my legs twice a week, as opposed to once a week like every other muscle. Why you ask? The legs are the foundation of our bodies; they're used in a plethora of exercises, not just the ones that primarily target the legs, like the bench press. Since the legs are used in so many exercises, I work them twice a week; on Monday and on Friday. Here is the pool of exercises I choose from:

Squats (Regular)
Front Squats (With Cross Hand Grip)
Dumbbell Lunges
Punching Bag Lunges (Throw the punching bag over your shoulder and lunge)
Leg Presses (I do two variations, with my legs positioned high on the platform, and low)
Tire Flips
Leg Extension Machine (with one leg, and both legs)
Leg Curl Machine
Calf Raises

I usually make sure to always do squats, but I only dead-lift every other week. But I don't simply do the same thing on Mondays and Fridays, so here's the second aspect to my leg workouts:

Mondays: I focus on lower weight and more repetitions on Mondays. I also do squats, leg presses, and leg extensions with my legs positioned closer together. I also don't ever dead-lift on Mondays. Lastly, I only do leg curls and calf raises on Mondays, never on Fridays.

Fridays: I focus on fewer repetitions with higher weight. I also my squats, leg presses, and leg extensions with my legs positioned further apart. This is also when I max out on my squats and dead-lifts (when I do them). I also do most of my tire flipping on Fridays as well. 

I have been working me legs this way, and I have seen an increase in strength with other muscle groups as well. I increase my bench press on a weekly basis, and my shoulders are also gaining strength. If you're into weight training, and especially if you would like to start lifting heavier weight, I would definitely recommend working your legs on Mondays and Fridays and working other muscle groups on the days in between. I thought I sounded weird at first, but it has really helped me make huge strides with my weight training progress.


  1. Where did you get your tire? Is it from a truck?

    1. The tire is like one you would find on a big truck or tractor, but it's not mine; it's at my gym and I'm not sure where the owners got it.

    2. Okay, I might go to a cheap tire repair shop in the hood to look for a used one for next year's boot-camp.