Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Remix Your Workout: Song Remixes that will Get and Keep You Pumped Up!

Listening to music is something I look forward to when working out. Usually when lifting weights I skip the tunes, so I can concentrate more on counting reps, but when it comes time for some cardio, it's time to PUMP UP THE JAMS! I like working out to upbeat songs with a fairly high BPM (beats per minute), because it gets me energized and ready to go. So, without further ado, here are my go to remixes for working out:

"Glad You Came (Alex Guadino Remix)" The Wanted 

"I'll Say It (Majik Boys Club Mix)" Kathy Griffin

"Wannabe (Motiv 8 Dubslam Mix)" Spice Girls

"1234 (Van She Remix)" Feist

These songs are the bomb dot com when it comes to cardio. I'm a firm believer that the music you listen to while you workout influences how you work out, and these songs prove just that. So what's stopping you from having a better workout? I-tunes is waiting!


  1. Oh Spice Girls, I will NEVER NOT love them! ha ha ha! Spice up your life! :D

  2. They're my guilty pleasure! Their music is a party in your ears!